Friday, March 19, 2010


A question going in my mind:
Why do all girls want to lose weight?
No one is satisfied!!!!
Girls go like, OMG can u see this part of me, I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!!
Other girls (who are realllllyyyyyn skinny) they go like ughhhh,, I have the biggest belly ever, and when u look u find their tummies tucked in, and they look so fit.
The fact is that girls know that they are thin, but they need someone tell to them, what? are you kidding me? you're very thin!!!!
I found out a solution to deal with this!! whenever a girl says omg look I'm very fat I want to lose weight, I look at them, nod, and go like "uha, mmmm, ok" to save my self the trouble of the long conversation of I'm fat, no ur not, but look, trust me ur not!! boring conversation :D
People who know me very well, probably know that I want to lose 5 kilos,, yep yep, its true, but the fact is I dont need anyone to tell me your body is fiiine, you dont need to lose weight, blah blah blah, I'm like all the girls, I have the paranoia of being slim, and I want to be slim :D
p.s. I didnt deny the fact that I'm also a girl :D
Quick thing I wanted to mention:
Guys also have the paranoia of having the greatest body, going to the gym, 6 packs, el bi wel tri we bench :P so i guess its not only girls :D

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