Friday, March 12, 2010

My first Blog

5 mins ago I was reading my friend's Blog, and I was like "man that's cool, why not try to blog." Thats when i decided I'll search for a blogging web site and start doing my own blog.
First I have to say I have no idea what am I going to write here, but I'm giving it a try.
I'm in a country where I think no one ever knows what a blog is. I also dont think any one ever is gonna read this, but trying to communicate even if its with myself is cool :D
I would like to talk about my self for a bit,
I'm a student, a senior in Mass Communication, which means I'm in my 4th year of college, I would have to admit that each year passed I'm getting more attached and in love with my university! If you do know me then probably you would have known that I lied in the past line, the truth is "I HATE MY UNIVERSITY" Come on people, I'm in a faculty that I know nothing about, yes I said I've been there for 4 years, but the university is FUCKED UP, for these four years I've been taking like 6 subjects in my major!!! I'll leave the rest of the comments, I dun wanna talk about it more than that :D it doesn't deserve my feelings ;)
Enough about university, the cool thing is that I'm about to be 21!!! yaaaay for me that's the greatest thing that can happen to me this year!! Finally being legal.
In the past year I've been really bored in my life, and all of a sudden I have everything going on in the same time!!! I have my graduation project, work, university, GYM(trying to be fit ;)), plus I have taken a new team leader position in AIESEC which have been keeping me very busy lately, I cant even find time to see my friends any more!!!

This is it for my first blog as I have to leave for an AIESEC meeting now, but hope I did good :D


  1. ALIA TORK! Welcome to blogging ;) Now you have a medium through which you can vent more often. Looking forward to reading more :D xoxo

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  3. alia... ana lessa moktachef en 3andek blog - i know its a new one 3amtn - :)) .. and btw.. enty bada2ty ur blog abli be yomen :D .. my first post was on 14th of March :D ... yala 3ayez ashoof posts aktar :D